August Challenges?

Hey guys, if you hadn’t guessed by now we are taking a break from the usual challenges through August. I am just so crazy busy right now, with my regular job, running my business, volunteer work, wedding planning ¬†and actually trying to have some kind of social life in amongst that… So when my laptop had a major tantrum on me a while back, I just haven’t gotten around to properly fixing it and restoring all my lost data. But I’m working on it now, pinkie promise…. So not only do I hope to have the regular challenges back next month, I also hope to FINALLY have a new kit release. SOOO looking forward to that and getting back on top of things (now that I’ve declared it to the world I’ve GOT to do it)!!!

Before I go, I just wanted to assure those who are waiting for prizes that they are coming! This week. Definately!

And I also want to announce the winner of last month’s Featured Product Challenge. And the winner is…. Dianne.

Contact me at to claim your $10 Gift Certficate.

Thank you to everyone that has played along up to now. Can’t wait to see you all next month with a fresh look at the blog challenges!