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Old Freebies, New Freebies and Everything In Between

Hi guys,

So a brief explanation to the new website, the revamp came about as due to a hosting error my previous blog was deleted and the back-up corrupted. I was pretty devastated at the time, especially since I was 8 months pregnant and a hormonal mess any way, I almost just gave up with it all as I was so annoyed that all my hard work had been for nothing. But after a little while I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a revamp and to fix all of the annoying little glitches that plagued me with the old site, I changed hosts and providers and decided to build up from scratch. Now this new website isn’t perfect yet, and likely will have glitches of it’s own but I am feeling so much happier with the direction Melidy Designs is going in.

The only problem is, my entire back catalogue of freebies and posts is gone. So because I want you all to still have access to those things, my plan is to start to add things bit by bit. Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing some of my old kits from the “vault” and re-uploading their respective freebies and any other blog freebies I happen to find along the way..  I’ll also be throwing in a couple of new freebies here and there – along with re-starting the ever popular Template Tuesdays, so if you’ve followed me a while there should still be something in it for you.

For now I’m reinstating an old favourite, my autograph card template:

Click image to download or click HERE.

*All freebie downloads use Mediafire as I have trialed lots of different providers and Mediafire seems to be what pleases the most people.  If you have any issues feel free to email me and I can send it out another way.

I love using scrapbook products for hybrid projects so have often made my own autograph cards.  The characters LOVE them and we’ve gotten some great interactions from character who love their card. Here’s a quick picture of these two cards printed and signed by the big cheese and his doting gal:

Enjoy!  If you’ve ever made your own autograph cards for the park feel free to share a link in the comments – let’s inspire each other!


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  1. Customizing character autograph cards isx so much fun! On my last trip, Druzilla and Anistasia fought over whose card looked better. I’m so glad my husband got it on video! Lol

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