• Template Tuesday #14

    January is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Since I had a terrible end to my year, I am looking forward to wiping the slate clean and leaping forward, in my personal life, my design life and even as a scrapbooker. And what better way to start than with another freebie template?

    As it’s the start of the year I figured I’d start off with something a little different to previous templates,  giving those of you who are considering start project life / project 365 a head start with this basic pocket template:

    I kept it pretty simple allowing you to change the positions of the cards/photos journal strips to suit your week! I hope this can help some of you get started on this great method of documenting your everyday life. Here’s a fun page from my CT member Rebecca for your inspiration:ll that’s left to say is that I hope you have had a great kick start to your year and that you are keeping up your resolutions – whatever they may be!

    I wish you all the best for the coming year!


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  • Template Tuesday #13

    This Template Tuesday starts with an apology for my absence lately. The entire month of October completely passed by me, I had intended fOr some fun and games for my facebook fans on DSD but I was too sick and had to miss out on all the fun  both as a designer and as a scrapbooker.  I didn’t take part in a single thing or  take advantage of a single sale which is pretty sad.  I’m hoping you’ll all forgive me for my lack of activity!

    Anyway, I’m gradually getting back into things. But at the moment I only seem to have two speeds: slow or sleeping! So I’m back to posting and designing just at a frustratingly slow pace. I’ll start to get the ball rolling again with this weeks template freebie. A multi-photo template I designed with instagram photos in mind:



    My girls made a few sample pages for your inspiration. Rebecca created this awesome page on Universal’s City Walk using That Hat

    by Rebecca

    by Rebecca

    Mo played with the photo spots, editing the template slightly and used Day & Night to create this beautiful Sunset at Sea page:

    by Mo

    by Mo

    Lastly Linda used Mania! to create this fun filled Toy Story Midway Mania page:

    by Linda

    by Linda

    I love that they all edited the template slightly to include a larger focal photo making this template so versatile! Hope you like it too!

    Have a magical week!

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  • Template Tuesday #11

    Ready for this weeks template? This week I decided to focus on a focal photo. This one is perfect for zooming right in and highlighting a specific area of a photograph – and getting rid of that background ‘noise’ or maybe even for highlighting a panoramic shot. I’m loving banners at the moment and this one will really help to make the focal photo stand out from the page!


    This week we added a new member to our family, a drastically underweight but fun, lively little rescue dog – who we named Sally. Jack was a little unsure of her at first but he is slowly warming to her.  Never the less between the training, playing, bickering, walking and all the other general day to day tasks I didn’t fit in as much time for scrapping this week and haven’t had the chance to use this template yet.  However here are a couple of sample pages from my wonderful CT members:

    Rebecca rotated the template and created this adorable Woody layout using ‘Mania!‘ and ‘Building Blocks Alpha‘.


    Tracy used ‘Day and Night’ to highlight this family group shot:

    Family Tree copy

    Jlynn added two photo spots at the bottom to create this fun layout! It’s so cool that she used my lego kit ‘Play Well‘ for  a poolside page!!


    Linda created this awesome World of Color page using ‘Day and Night’. The additional photos and that big, beautiful blend fills the page and makes a bold statement!


    Aren’t they awesome! Hope you like the template. As always I’d love to see your creations with my templates / kits. Share them with me in the comments or over on my facebook page! Have a magical week!


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  • Template Tuesday – Kinda’

    If you love the template freebies, you may want to check out the template challenge that Teresa is hosting this week over at Mousescrappers…. You don’t even need an account to get your hands on this template I’m giving away over there for free. BUT I would encourage you to join up, it’s free, it’s easy and most importantly it’s fun! It’s a great community and there are always plenty of challenges, prizes and freebies up for grabs. Check it out – you won’t regret it!


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  • Tuesday Template #8

    It’s that time again – this weeks template is a bold one with lots of fun hexagons!

    I had intended to scrap a photo of us in front of the ‘Tomorrowland’ sign at Walt Disney World but just as I sat down to scrap I noticed my poor dog’s face was REALLY swollen. So yesterday was spent at the vets instead. We can only assume he got stung / bitten and suffered a pretty severe allergic reaction. Luckily after a injection from the vet he is pretty much back to normal!

    Here’s your template:
    Tuesday Template #8 - Melidy Designs

    Here is some inspiration from my wonderful CT member Rebecca, she also used my new release Day & Night:

    by Rebecca using Day & Night - Melidy Designs

    Thanks for stopping by, as always if you use this template (or any of my other products/freebies) feel free to share it with me either in the comments, via e-mail or over on facebook! I love seeing what you guys create – and you never know you might just get featured and get a little extra something!!

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  • Template Tuesday #7

    Ready for another free template? This week I went for a more ‘traditional’ project life style – perfect for those of you just starting out with this kind of scrapping. It also has a few layered journal cards in there:

    **now including page and tiff formats**

    Here is what I scrapped with it using my Quoted: Walt journal cards:

    by Melissa using Quoted: Walt - Melidy Designs

    Speaking of the Quoted Walt journal card series, check out the mousescrappers.com facebook page as I’ve donated a bonus pack especially for mousescrappers fans:

    Melidy Designs -  Quoted: Walt Volume 3

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Template Tuesday #6

    This week I have a pocket scrapbooking style template for you, with space for plenty of journaling, large photos and some cute journal cards or paper blocks:Template Tuesday #6 - Melidy Designs

    Here is the page that this template was created from, it uses the journal cards released into the store last Friday and a few little sneaks to something that’ll be in the store in  July!

    by Melissa - Melidy Desgns

    Hope you like it, if you download please say hi and feel free to link me up to any layouts you’ve created in the comments – you never know you might just get featured on my facebook page and get a little thank you for supporting me!

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  • Tuesday Template #5

    I hadn’t originally planned on giving away a template every single week, I had thought about once or twice a month but honestly I’m loving doing these templates. From now on I’m going to try and make it a weekly thing where possible – not only do I guarantee I’ll scrap at least one page a week I also get to give back to the  scrapbooking community and my lovely followers.


    I made this weeks template to go alongside last weeks, it’s not a double pager per say, but they do have the same kinda style but with far fewer photo spots.

    Tuesday Template #5 - Free Template - Melidy Designs


    Here is the other side to last weeks Miniland page:

    by Melissa using Play Well - Melidy Designs

    Thank you for stopping by! If you are a Disney fan you MAY want to check back this Friday!!

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  • Template Tuesday #4

    It’s that time again, here’s another free template to add to your stash! This template has a whopping 14 photo spots to highlight as series of special photos, or if you don’t have that many photos to showcase why not try adding some papers into a couple of the spots?

    Tuesday Template #4 - Melidy DesignsHere is the page I made using this template, I used my new kit Play Well:

    Template Tuesday #4 and Play Well - Melidy Designs


    This is one half of a double page layout, (look out for the other template next week)!

    Thanks for stopping by!



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  • Template Tuesday #3

    ** Technical  Difficulties – this post was scheduled to post yesterday but it looks like WordPress had another idea, so here it is a day late **

    Here is the latest template, I’ve been super busy this week so I didn’t have a chance to use it yet but I truly  hope you like it:

    Template Tuesday#3

    If you download please say hi :)

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