Change is a good thing…

First thing’s first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have you made your resolutions yet? If not, I’m a firm believer that “scrap more” should be on that list; it’s definitely going to be one of mine this year. I need to carve out more time for scrapping my own personal layouts and FINISH those books I’ve started. I’m aiming for at least one layout per week, that way even if I only hit the lower limit I’ll have 52 shiny new pages ready to print by the end of the year. And what is an hour or two a week?! Most of us probably spend more time scrolling through Facebook per week… Sad but true.

As I’ve been thinking about resolutions, I’ve also been thinking about changes for Melidy Designs over the past few weeks/ months and I figured the New Year was the perfect time to roll out a couple of the thoughts I had buzzing around my head:

First of which, Melidy Designs has a new loyalty scheme! Simply save this card to your computer and each time you spend $5 add your order number to one of the circles.  If you spent $10 add your order number to two circles, $15 to 3 circles and so on. Once your card is filled email it to me at with the subject “Loyal Customer” and once verified I will send you a coupon code to pick up a free kit of your choice from the store! Make sure you check the terms and conditions on the main page.

Your finished card will look something like this:

Melidy Designs Loyalty Scheme Example

And the even better news is, I’m allowing backdating  to the opening of my store here at, so if you placed an order from June 2015 you can add that spend to your card right now. Unfortunately, I can not backdate to when I was selling at Mad for the Mouse as I have no way of verifying purchases – sorry for any inconvenience caused.

**To find your previous orders log in to My Account and your order numbers will appear under “Recent Orders”.**

Secondly, I’m changing the way some things are done here on the blog.

Tuesday Template –  I’m changing the way the Tuesday template is handled.  The Tuesday Template was something I did before I started designing and combined with a few other freebies I offered, it was a way for me to “test the waters” of being a designer. Once I started designing it became difficult to carve out the time. My various health issues mean that some weeks I have very few “wellness” periods to design in, and I want to spend that time being as productive as possible. Add that to the fact that even though the downloads are now in the thousands, I get maybe one or two thank-you’s now compared to the many I got prior to designing, (when the number of downloads was considerably lower).  I’m not saying I expect everyone to be thankful of each template, but it gets difficult to justify spending my time on, if no one would miss them – not complaining, just trying to be logical and eliminate unnecessary work for myself. That being said I do enjoy creating templates for you all and I do want to continue into the new year.

So, starting now Tuesday Templates will become monthly, available on the FIRST Tuesday of every month and will be ran a little like a template challenge. Anyone that uses the template (along with some form of Melidy Designs product), within the month will receive a prize. The level of engagement and participation this year will determine what happens to the Template Tuesday’s in the future as I  want to spend my time on things that will be enjoyed and you will get use out of.

**Talking of the Tuesday Template, those of you who read my last post may have been expecting a Template Tuesday through the week, well due to my laptop almost suffering a fatality, that post didn’t go live. Phill luckily managed to save my laptop for me yesterday with minimal corrupted files, by which time I figured I may as well save it until next week. So check back THIS Tuesday for the new template which will be January’s Challenge template. **

Featured Kit – I’ll also be starting up a monthly featured kit.  Check back tomorrow for the first kit to be featured.  The featured kit (and any coordinating extras) will be 30% off all month. Plus, anyone that shares a layout with the kit within that month will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 gift certificate to my store. You can even combine this with the template challenge, so one layout will qualify you for both the draw and the gift.

Tutorials – The tutorials are still continuing.  The programmes post I promised you all is coming in January and I have lots of plans for the Scrapbooking 101 series. Tutorials will be posted on an “as and when” basis, which will be compiled in the page I created here,  if you ever have an specific requests then please feel free to comment on the page or send me an email and I will try my best to cover your request in a future post.

Freebies – The biggie! I know you all love freebies…  I’ve set up a new freebie page which is due to go live later this month. The new page will make it easier to access past freebies, as well as a new freebie feature. Each quarter I will be rolling out a new sampler kit freebie available directly on the freebie page and in addition to any other new release freebies, blog freebies, participation prizes etc. The freebie will be freely available to everyone and will provide you with a small sampling of my work which will be changed out seasonally.  The first freebie feature will go live midway through January!

So that’s what I have planned for Melidy Designs over the coming year.  I hope you see these changes as a positive thing and I’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have regarding these changes, let me know what you think in the comments!