Freebie – Girly Stripe Alpha

I’ve been thinking about childhood a lot recently, deciding whether or not to start a scrapbook looking back over mine and Phill’s earlier years – the years before we knew one another. Not only would it be good to look at and discover a little more about each others childhoods but if we have children of our own in the future I imagine they’d love seeing us grow up through our own perspectives.  I wish I had something like that of my mother.

I’ve tried thinking about what kind of child I was.  I know I wasn’t that much of a Girly Girl, but then again I wasn’t a total tomboy either. I loved Polly Pockets and Barbie, but was rarely dressed in pink, nor did I do much ‘dressing-up’ or parading around in my mum’s heels.  I wore jeans a lot, played with the boys just as much as the girls at school and wasn’t all that distraught if I got a little dirty or muddy.

When I think about it I’m still like that as an adult. A bit of a hybrid between things that are considered ‘feminine’ like my love of baking and dresses, and things that are considered ‘masculine’ like gaming  and comfortable sneakers. I guess most people are like that to an extent.

Despite this, those  initial baby years seem to be similar for most. As I look through hospital photos I notice the blue blanket wrapped around Phill, the pink on wrapped around me, for a while at least we are all split into those two distinct categories  –  Baby Boy Johnson and Baby Girl Robb.  With that in mind, here is this week’s freebie:

Girly Stripe Alpha

Check out the blog next week for the opposing  boyish alpha freebie.

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