I’m rolling out a new loyalty scheme. I’ve been looking for new ways to repay my fans, so I decided to start up a reward card!

How it works is simple, each time you spend $5+ in my store, enter your order number in one of the circles on the card. Spend $10+ fill in 2 circles, $15+ fill in 3 circles and so on. Once you fill your card email it to me at melidydesigns@gmail.com with the subject “Loyal Customer” and once verified I will send you out a coupon for you to redeem a free kit (or equivalent) of your choice! Then, it’s time to start up a new card. Right click and save as to download the card:

MelidyDesigns_Loyalty Card

And the even better news is, I’m allowing backdating  to the opening of my store here at melidydesigns.com, so if you placed an order from June 2015 you can add that spend to your card right now. Unfortunately, I can not backdate to when I was selling at Mad for the Mouse as I have no way of verifying purchases – sorry for any inconvenience caused.

**To find your previous orders log in to My Account and your order numbers will appear under “Recent Orders”.**

Here’s the terms and conditions:

* Total spend can be from anything in my store, including bundles.
*Spend can not be rounded up to fill multiple reward points. For example a  $14.92 spend would fill two reward points – not three.
*Spend must be taken from the FINAL total.  Discounts, coupons. etc do not count towards your rewards, only the final spend. For example a $14.92 cart, with a $10 off gift certificate, would take the total spend to $4.95 and would NOT earn you a reward point.
*Spend must be a minimum of $5 per reward point. You may not use multiple order numbers per reward point. For example 1 spend of $5.12 WOULD earn you a reward point, 2 spends of $2.56 WOULD NOT earn you a reward point.

Your finished card should look something like this:Melidy Designs Loyalty Scheme Example

**For as long as I’m selling at melidydesigns.com your card will not expire. Any changes to the policy of the loyalty scheme will be announced on the blog and updated here, with plenty of notice before a new policy comes into effect. **

I hope you like the new rewards system! Thank you for being such a loyal fan, I am forever appreciative for your support.