Smashing Disney

Smashing Disney Part 1 - Melidy Designs

I jumped on the band-wagon! I have started a smash book. I decided to start it for our upcoming Disney trip. Since it isn’t until October you may think I’m starting this early but hey, I’m excited! Plus, this means I’ll be able to add all the planning bits and bobs as they happen, rather than trying to gather them closer to the time. I chose the red ‘Doodle’ SMASH book as I thought it would be the easiest to Disney-fy, I won’t be doing the front page  until I get back from the trip so that it has less chance of getting damaged.

On other smash books I’ve seen this ‘smash introduction’ page ripped out, but I quite liked it and thought I had may as well utilise the space. As I background I wrote ‘We are going back!’ repeatedly, I covered the printed instructions with washi-tape banners and used a ‘Project Mouse‘ card to create an opening page:

Next I wanted to do a booking page.  To the back of the opening page I taped down the booking information I got from the travel agents. I only taped the top so that I could stick another journal card underneath.
The opposite page I used to talk about how the booking came about. I included a picture of the hotel we will be staying at from the Disney website, as that is how I decided where we would be staying.  I also included some clippings from the brochure with details of the room, dining and benefits of staying on Disney Property. As I didn’t want my page to look too crowded I included these by creating a pocket out of another Project Mouse card – by simply gluing down three ends and leaving one open. In to that pocket I also included a screenshot of the e-mail that started it all…

The next page I wanted to use for planning. As I knew I would be adding to this page I didn’t want everything to be stuck permanently. So I used a SMASH pocket to keep everything in, so far I have a dining plan leaflet, our booked advanced dining reservations and our MNSSHP ticket. I decided to embellish the pocket a little, with yet more project mouse cards.

As you might see from the pages, there are a few Mickey embelishments, I decided that I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money buying lots of stickers and things to decorate my pages. I do have a limited supply from when I used to scrap traditionally, so a few may work their way in later on but other than that I don’t see the point since I have so many fabulous digital supplies (many of the Mickey themed ones being freebies).  Therefore, Most of my elements will simply be printed on Matte photo paper (journal cards are printed on this too – it really makes a vast difference in quality) and cut out. The Mickey themed embellishments used so far are all freebies by Britt of Britt-ish designs – she has fabulous Disney themed kits and freebies, if you haven’t checked her out before you should head over and take a look. Look at all the embellishments I can get for the cost of a single peice of paper and a small amount of ink, and I’m sure if you played around with it a little more you could fit more on…

Since my trip isn’t until October it will be a while before you see more Disney smashing from me, but the ease of putting together these pages and the satisfaction I get from knowing all of those pieces have a home rather than being stuck in a box somewhere, has inspired me to start smashing the other bits of paraphernalia I have lying around the house.

If you are looking for any more Disney Smashing inspiration here are some examples I found that you may love:

1. Kathleen Taylor created a Disney SMASH book of her trip also using Project Mouse by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studios – the book was featured on Krista’s blog. Or you can see all the layouts on her Pinterest board.

2. Pink Cake Plate created a Disney Smashbook from a passporter, she included everything, including chopsticks from her meal.

3. Sarah’s blog has a few Disney Smash layouts and hopefully it will soon feature more

4.  Surprisingly the best resource I’ve found for SMASH inspiration has been you-tube. There is TONS of related videos on there, I love this video by Breyana Canete. Despite it not being a trip related book it has some great inspiration in there like creating tabs from washi-tape for putting things in pockets to make them easier to take in and out.

5. Lastly this SMAAH book by Shaunte isn’t even Disney related but I love the style and the tips I picked up reading this article.  Especially how she laid photo’s over the top of one another, she even journalled on the back of them.  In total she managed to fit 150 photos in the book! She also shares some other cute ideas so it is definitely worth a read.

If you can’t tell I’m loving smashing. It feels good to know that the layout doesn’t have to be perfect. I hope this might inspire someone to give it a go, I can not recommend it enough.

 Have you seen any cute smashbook inspiration? Feel free to share in the comments, or maybe you’ve started one yourself – I’d love to see!