Autograph Cards Freebie

Hey guys, this past week and a bit, my laptop has been in for repair, so I spent some time finishing up a couple of old projects.  One of which, I’ve been putting off for sometime… coming up with some way to bind/display the autograph cards from our last trip. I’m still not sure I’ve came up with the best solution (I’ll post a picture of the finished article on instagram once I’m done), but I’m happy enough to have another thing *almost* checked off the list of neverending projects I come up with for myself.

Mickey and Minnie Autograph Cards - Melidy Designs

Mickey and Minnie autograph cards created using Mr & Ms Mouse

As I was sorting through them, I realised that I offered the template as a temporary download a few years back now, and those of you that are new here might like it too… So I’m offering it here as a freebie for you all, enjoy:


I hope you like it!  Have you ever created an autograph book? If so share with me any hints/tips for this years book in the comments!


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